What Is Xbox Live Gold? Is It Really Worth it?

The Xbox is one of the two premium consoles that is used for gaming, streaming and other entertainment activities. The Xbox is an efficient console that brings new generation technology to its platform for better graphics, smooth gameplay and ultra fast responsiveness. The Xbox also has a list of exclusive game titles that are only available on the Xbox platform. 

 Xbox Live Gold

If you have the Xbox console then you might consider getting Xbox live gold membership. There are various benefits and stuff that you get access to when you have the Xbox live membership. Let us have a detailed look at what to expect when you get the Xbox live subscription and what are the advantages as well as benefits that you get on subscription. 

Xbox Live Gold Subscription

One of the exclusive benefit that you get with the Xbox Live subscription is the fact that you get to play online multiplayer games with other users across the world. With the live subscription you get to join the community of gamers on one of the most reliable and fastest gaming console network. This allows you to experience and enjoy some of the best cooperative and competitive gaming that you can get on a console. 

Besides this you also get access to 3 to 4 free games every month. This is a great added bonus and benefit that you get when you have the Xbox live subscription. When you consider the annual benefits you get more than 40 free games that are worth considerable amount as free complimentary gift for having the subscription. 

You also get discounts going up to 50% on various games on the Xbox store with the membership. So if you are a gaming enthusiast and love trying out different games then having the Xbox live subscription is a great asset as it allows you to download free games and have great offers as well as discounts on select games at the digital store. 

The monthly free games that you get with the Xbox subscription are available for the entire month or in some cases for two weeks based on the specific game. The key here is you must redeem these games either from the Microsoft website or on your Xbox console for access. If you fail or forget to redeem the game during free period offer then you will not be able to get it free later on even if you subscribe later. It is important that you must be aware of all the offers and free games that are available to you so that you can maximize the benefits and take full advantage of your Xbox subscription. 

On your Xbox one console once you have redeemed the free game you can choose to download and play whenever you feel like it. Once the subscription ends you won’t be able to play these games anymore. However if you want you can restart your subscription and again get access to all these games and benefits that come with the subscription. 

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