How To Cancel Your Xbox Subscription?

The Xbox is one of the most widely used consoles across the world and this Microsoft owned gaming and entertainment platform continues to evolve over the generations. Some of the Xbox consoles that have been part of the series of consoles launched by Microsoft throughout different generations include Xbox 360, Xbox 720 live and Xbox one amongst others. These gaming devices are plugged in a audio-visual screen as well as they are connected to the appropriate modem for internet connectivity. 

Cancel Xbox Subscription

Besides games you can also use the Xbox console for streaming services such as movies and other exclusives. However to use this service, as a user you require subscription Xbox live gold with the auto-renewal system of subscription. However if you are already an Xbox subscriber and want to cancel your subscription then you must follow these steps for cancelling the subscription. 

How To Cancel Your Xbox Subscription – Step By Step

The cancellation of the Xbox subscription can be an easy process if you follow all the guidelines and follow the terms and conditions as prescribed by Microsoft. Let us have a look at the procedure for cancelling the Xbox subscription. 

The subscription to Xbox cannot be cancelled if you have outstanding dues or pending payment on your subscription charges. If your pending payment is clear and you have no dues left then you can cancel the subscription in either one of the two ways: immediate cancellation or cancellation just before the next auto-renewal of the subscription. If you go with immediate cancellation all the Xbox services will be stopped immediately however if you cancel the auto-renewal service you will get all the services until the subscription period ends. The second option is better as you get to enjoy all the services and benefits until the end of the subscription period. 

Another important terms of cancellation is that you cannot cancel another user’s subscription even if you are paying for them. That specific user has to go through the cancellation process on their account for cancellation to take effect. Now let us have a look at the steps that you need to follow for the cancellation of subscription.

First and foremost you must sign in into the account whose services you wish to cancel. Go to the Xbox website, log in, then click on display picture which is located on top-right corner at the drop-down menu. Now you must go to the option of the Xbox live gold within subscription and you can find a green Xbox at the page centre. There you must click on ‘payment and billing’ which will take you to subscription page. There you should scroll down to the ‘cancel’ option which is available in the section of ‘payment settings’. Click on the drop-down menu and to finally cancel you must click on the ‘confirm cancellation’ option. This will end the auto-renewal for the Xbox-Live subscription. 

If for any reason if you unsubscribed by mistake or want to subscribe to the service again then the re-subscription process is also pretty simple and convenient.  

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